Lede Type-B

Lede Type-B holder can clamp the desk or table. It can clamp 10-38mm.

Type-B main part is with a metal clamp base, aluminum alloy connector, ABS and rubber holder.

And it with other special materials, like zinc alloy, PA(polyamide), POM(polyoxymethylene), TPU(thermoplastic polyurethanes).

To make Type-B become a high quality, high strength and beautiful product.

How to use

  • Type-B can be used with any desk or table. It only occupy the margin of your desk or table.
  • So you can have more space to place your book, laptop on your desk or table.
  • You can adjust different angle by the supporting arm or holder easily, to get the best view angle.
  • And it is fixed strong enough.


  • If your desk or table space is scarcity, you have a lot of books or other devices and you still hope to keep or use your phone or pad on desk or table, we suggest you to choose Type-B, it can make a another space for your phone or pad. It is a perfect solution.


You can choose different accessories to extend usage.


  • T1: 4 “-11” phone or pad.
  • T4: Magnetic holder.
  • T5: Camera holder.
  • T8: Magnetic wireless charger.

Supporting arm

  • 204: More angle for you to adjust.

  • 205: More angle for you to adjust.