Lede Silver Bar

Lede Silver Bar is a docking station holder for laptop.

Silver Bar with 3 USB3.0 port, 1 SD/Micro SD card reader, 1 HDMI, 1 Type-C port, 1 PD charging port, 1 RJ45 giga network port.

  • If you have a macbook or macbook pro, you are big Apple fan, you do not miss Silver Bar.
  • Because there is only type-c port on macbook right now.
  • You will miss USB port, HDMI port, card reader and RJ45.
  • Don’t worry, Silver Bar will give you all of these and it also can hold your macbook, to give you a better view angle and comfortable position.
  • Silver Bar also support other brand laptop, if your laptop with the type-c port, you can use Silver Bar.

Silver Bar’s PD charging can give you 80W quick charging, type-c port can give you 5Gbps data transmission speed,

HDMI support 1080P 60HZ and 4K 30HZ, card reader can support SD card up to 512GB.

It can give you the powerful performance.

  • If you are photographer, you need Silver Bar, because you need card reader, USB port and HDMI port.
  • If you are designer, you need Silver Bar, because you need high transmission speed, wired mouse, USB port and HDMI.
  • If you are businessman, you need Silver Bar, because you will meet different devices during your business trip.
  • If you are………
  • Whatever who you are, someday you will need Silver Bar.