QR-205D-T9 Long Arm Holder (upgraded quick release)

  • Addtime: 2023/3/28 9:07:37

Use your tablet/phone hands-free that features a strong base to with a foldable arm to hold your tablet/phone.

This holder belongs to the quick-release series. The arm can be quickly removed and installed on other quick-release bases for more application scenarios.

This tool will hold your device and keep it device in place when you are looking up recipes, watching a movie, doing a presentation, studying a test, multitasking, or reading notes at the office.

Additional Details

Specifically designed for ergonomic products

Quick releases series, interchangeable with other ledetech quick-release bases and arms

360° rotating clamp head, fits ideally for 4.7-12.9 inches phones and tablets

Detachable structure design for travel and easy storage

Product durability from intelligent structural designs and precise

Carrier for phones and pads with adjustable angle, watch the phone or pad in the best view distance