LD-TS2(BOX+TRAY)-M4 Tesla Phone Holder with Storage Box and Tray

  • Addtime: 2023/9/21 14:25:05

Convenient installation in Tesla, support for wireless charging safe and fast.

Both left and right driving positions can be used, which is more convenient.

The upgraded double arms bracket provides more angle and more perspective.

The storage box and the tray are attached to the stand to create more usable space for items such as car keys and tissue paper box.

If you want to choose a magnetic wireless charging stand in your Tesla Model 3/Y, this product is a good choice.

Additional Details

Super magnetic attraction, can be firmly fixed mobile phone

Detachable structure design for travel and easy storage

Product durability from intelligent structural designs and precise applications of material science

Unique, ergonomic, novel design for Tesla cars